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Sali Hasvirsson Hjalmir, War Hero and Spy

The players rolled up three very different characters, A war hero and interstellar secret agent, a failed cop who redeemed himself during the war and a noble who got caught up in shady dealings and disgraced.

There's still some extra skills to be assigned as I forget to give the extra rolls you get when you succeed in advancement, plus the skill you get as well as basic training.

So here they are, illustrations for illustrative purposes only.

P.S. Sali's birthdate was randomly generated by a spreadsheet - honestly I didn't pick 007!

Sali Hasvirsson Hjalmir 

Born : 007-1078
Homeworld : Narsil (0107) / Sword Worlds  

Coming from one of the smaller families in the Sword Worlds, Sali grew up with tales of military life from his uncle an ex marine Chefsergent and as soon as possible signed up with the Confederation Marines. After basic training he served on a number of ships in the Narsil Fleet. During the Joyeuse Civil War (Joyeuse / Sword Worlds 0303) in 1098 he was part of the blockading fleet isolating the world from outside interference. When a Confederation negotiating team was held hostage by the insurgent forces, he was part of an orbital assault that freed the captive diplomats. Although the assault team took many casualties, including during the atmospheric re-entry phase of the mission, Sali made a heroic stand holding off the attacking enemy long enough for rescue craft to land and take the diplomats to safety. He was awarded an Steel Mjölnir for his actions, the second highest decoration for military service as well as receiving a commission and promotion to the rank of Loejnant.

The following term Sali applied to join the Jäger Kommand and was quickly accepted in light of his previous service in the Marines. He quickly achieved the rank of Naerajäg in the Kommando and was assigned to the training of new recruits as well as further developing his own skills. He also became well known to the Oberst in charge of the Kommando Brigade and was singled out for rapid advancement.

The next term in the Kommandos saw promotion to the rank of Enjäger as Sali settled into the life as part of the Confederations elite fighting force. It was during this time that Sali had a dream of the Vit Oega Solsen, the fiery comet that signifies great military foreboding and change and he knew he had to leave the service. He approached the Oberst with this news and explained way he had to leave. The Oberst was aware of the preparations for the upcoming war against the Imperium, and so recognised the truth of the dream. At that time the Sword Worlds military forces, in conjunction with Zhondani analysts, were covertly testing the military forces for psionic potential in preparation for the war, and the Oberst had just received instructions to send suitable candidates for testing. Despite not wanting to lose Sali from his unit, the Oberst issued orders to Sali to send him to the Psionic Institute on Sacnoth for testing and training. Sali was found to have a medium grade psionic strength worthy of training and received a six month course learning the basics of telepathy from his Zhondani instructors.

The following term saw the start of the Fifth Frontier War and Sali became a spy, specialising in infiltration. He was involved in the prelude to the uprising on Garda-Vilis assisting the smuggling in of Sword Worlder and Zhondani forces in support of the Tanoose Freedom League. After the uprising he was assigned to other duties, taking on a false cover ID, he travelled throughout the Spinward Marches spying on the Imperial forces. Recognised for his actions his career was closely followed by his superiors and he was rapidly promoted as well a receiving the Huginn medal for services to the intelligence community, this award is secret and does not actually come with an actual medal, but is recognised within the secret service.

Following the defeat of the Sword Worlds Confederation, Sali returned to the sword worlds and carried on his espionage work within the Sword Worlds itself, further developing his cover ID and spying on the Border Worlds Federation. Following the loss of Excalibur to the Border Worlds, he left active duty and became a free citizen. He is still recognised in the Kommando Brigade of the Jäger Kommand for his actions although no one is aware of his actions within the war itself.

UPP B697A9, Psionic Str 6, Rank 2 (Spy, Agent) / Rank 2 (Jäger Kommand, Naerajäg)

Streetwise 0, Trade 0, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 2, Melee 0, Athletics (Strength) 0, Stealth 2, Tactics (Ground) 1, Heavy Weapons (Launchers) 1, Leadership 1, Drive (Grav) 2, Battledress 1, Deception 3, Investigate 2, Cover ID (Magnus Olafsson Karlseffni - Merchant) 2, Telepathy 0, Persuade 1, Steward 1

Cr 72,000, 4 Ship Shares, Vendel Pistol, Broadsword, TL 12 Intrusion Kit, Contact (Jäger Kommand)

Image Credits -  Traveller 3rd Imperium Marine by Scarecrovv, Spy picture is a photoshopped Daniel Craig photo (obviously)

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  1. Woot - my character is on the internet - virtual vicarious immortality. Good background stuff. The Mongoose Traveller books certainly give you a lot of raw material to work with; especially the Life Events tables. Lots of fun. I'm looking forward to rolling up my next one when I meet my inevitable and, no doubt, justly deserved fate.