Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Chapter 1 : The Selene Incident

or How I Learned not to Trust Navigators when they say they've found a shortcut...

Duchess Selene - designed by lucasdigital,
posted on the Mongoose Traveller forum
The players find themselves on the Duchess Selene on the way from Adaibicci (0204) Lunion to Biter (0705) Sword Worlds, a three parsec journey. The journey time would be 9.5 days (using my modified jump system).

Why the players where all travelling together has not been established, but using the shared event options in Mongoose Traveller we established that Sali Hasvirsson Hjalmir knew Ansgar Padraigson Long (they had met during the Excalibur Civil War) and Ansgar Padraigson Long knew Ragnar Ivaldsson Long (they had met when Ansgar was a scavaging drifter and Ragnar was doing some off planet work for the Long Trading Arm).

On board the liner was a crew of eight captained by Valbrand Thormodson Slengr, eight high passage travellers, nine medium passage travellers (if including the two Vargr cubs) and 14 low passage zombies along with the three players. All the passengers met up for the "lets go hyperspace!" jump party and quickly tired of each other.

The next nine and a half days dragged by with the usual monotony of space travel until the "thank the gods we've finally arrived" exit from hyperspace dinner.

A bad day in space
Unfortunately the nifty bit of astrogation the navigator had pulled off to reduce the effective travel distance failed to take account of the position of a gas giant in the system and the ship strayed into the 100 planet diameter danger distance causing an abrupt entry back into real-space. The steep gradient of the gravity well caused the jump-bubble to warp as it re-entered the universe, buckling the hull of the ship, damaging the ships manoeuvre drives and causing multiple decompression leaks.

The main lounge of the ship descended into chaos as the anti gravity failed and the decompression alarms rang out...

To be continued...

All credit to Mr Shannon Appelcline from whose records of his own Traveller Campaign I shamelessly lifted the introductory session, more original (sort of) adventures to come. Just don't go reading Last Stand at Saber River too closely.

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