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Ansgar Padraigson Long, Failed Cop and Reluctant Hero

Ansgar Padraigson Long

Born : 044-1077
Homeworld : Narsil (0107) / Sword Worlds

Ansgar was born into the Long Family, a large clan in the Sword Worlds with many interests on many planets. Ansgar decided not to follow his fathers business of brewing and opted instead to join the Confederation Patrol specialising in the Interstellar Patrol Force so he could get out there and see the universe. Unfortunately life as a new recruit has its downsides and he ended up doing all the manual labouring aspects of the job. Being disapointed with his life at the bottom rung of the ships crew led him to make the mistake of accepting a bribe from a merchant carrying suspect cargo to look the other way, although no absolute proof of this was established it was enough to cost him his upcoming promotion to Sergent.

The next term things went from bad to worse, angry at being passed over he neglected his formal training getting sidetracked by trivia in the ships library. One fateful day he took out his anger on the owner of yacht stopped for a routine custom search, treating her with disrespect not knowing she was a powerful noble from the Skaki Household and making a big issue of minor infractions in the ships manifest. Refusing to back down and forcing the noble to make a costly court appearance Ansgar ending up losing his job due to political influences and gained a enemy. The only positive thing to come out of this was gaining an ally within the Confederation Patrol, Jerle Karlsson, who respected Ansgar's decision to sacrifice his career rather than bow to political pressure.

Leaving the service Ansgar became a drifter, getting work as a scavenger, salvaging old wrecks. This job forced him to associate with some of the more colourful classes of the Sword Worlds population and he quickly learnt how to defend himself with a gun as well as picking up some unarmed combat skills. During this term Ansgar had an accident of some kind, the last thing he remembers is being in the middle of an EVA, moving across from the salvage ship to an old wreck. He recovered conciousness six months later, with no knowledge of the intervening time, other than fleeting memories of undergoing what seems to be a series of tests. What ever happened to the rest of his crew is a mystery also, the salvage ship has not been seen since.

After recovering from his ordeal, Ansgar signed up in the military as an infantry man at the start of the Fifth Frontier War.  After a brief period of training as a scout, he was quickly involved in a number of brutal battles on various worlds, as well as being involved in some of the major space confrontations. In particular he was involved in the invasion of Lanth, the capital of the Lanth Subsector in 1109, during the initial invasion phase as well as being on board a cruiser during the destruction of the Sword World fleet by the Imperial 193rd fleet on 096-1109. Fighting off boarding parties of Imperial Marines alongside the cruisers marine contingent, he managed to get to an escape capsule and returned to planet's surface where he then was part of the continuing guerilla war on Lanth. During this period of the war he was given a battlefield commission to the rank of Fenrik and led a platoon of infantry up until the surrender of the Sword Worlds forces on 241-1109. Spending the remaining period of the war in captivity, Ansgar was finally repatriated back to the Sword Worlds at the end of 1110, shortly after the breakaway of the Border Worlds.

During the post war years, Ansgar remained in the Sword Worlds military being mainly involved in the civil war on Excalibur from 1113 to 1115, once again being on the losing side as the Sword Worlds backed government fell to the pro Border Worlds insurgents.

Somewhat disillusioned by his military career, being on the losing end of two major conflicts, Ansgar left the service at the shortly after the end of the Excalibur Civil War and now is seeking to make his life amongst the stars, returning to the dream that made him join the Confederation Patrol twenty years earlier.

UPP 46676A, Rank 1 (Fenrik), Psi Str 5 (doesn't know he was tested, or has any training due to amnesia)

Pilot 0, Vacc Suit 0, Mechanic 0, Astrogation 0, Engineer 0, Admin 0, Gun Combat (Slug Rifle) 3, Gun Combat (Slug Pistol) 1, Recon 0, Stealth 1, Melee (Unarmed) 1, Melee (Armed) 1, Sensors 1, Leadership 1, Streetwise 0, Trade (Brewer) 0, Comms 1, Mechanic 0, Medic 1, Remote Ops 1,Zero-G 1

Cr 20,000, Subdermal Armour (3 points), Knekt Assault Rifle, Broadsword, Ally (Confederation Patrol), Enemy (Noble Kirsten Valbranddottir Staki, Hrunting), Wafer Jack (Software - 5G Internet Chip, Art Appreciation 0, Steward 0, Trade (Child Care) 0, Trade (Mining) 0, Drive 0, Language (Gvegh) 0)

Image Credits : Patrol spaceship taken from the internet too long ago to remember where I got it from but I think a traveller site, spaceship wreck by Ian Stead, Infantry man a photoshop mashup of an image of an aliens action toy and a bit of SF background of unknown origin

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