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Ragnar Ivaldsson Long, Disgraced Noble

Ragnar Ivaldsson Long

Born : 268-1078
Homeworld : Narsil (0107) / Sword Worlds

Ragnar was born into the Long family in a very senior position. He was destined to become one of the leaders of this important Sword Worlds family. He started his career as a diplomat, working within the Long family in negotiations with other families, mega corporations and the Sword Worlds government itself. During this time he came into possession of a Darrian Artefact – a skull cap like device that regulates dreaming as well as acting as a psionic shield. He was promoted to Secretary and rewarded with an increase in Social Standing as well as large salary.

The next term Ragnar became involved with the trading arm of the Long Family, becoming a co-ordinator working with Gram Bragison Long, a distant relative. He quickly realised that this side of the family was closer to an organised criminal organisation as opposed to a normal business, but the financial rewards quickly overcame any ethical concerns. During this time he was promoted within the ranks of the organisation and became a full member of the semi-legal trading firm.

Carrying on working for the Long Trading Arm, he was sent to look into the family's off-world interests during which time he learnt how to fly a spacecraft as well as leaning martial arts. Further promotion and financial rewards in the form of Ship Shares were his reward for aiding and abetting the activities of his firm.

The next term saw the start of the Fifth Frontier War, and with a war economy kicking off there were many opportunities for making profit for the Long Trading Arm, many of them questionable if not down right illegal. An investigation into his activities by an independent media company led to Ragnar's trial for embezzlement and profiteering. He managed to beat the rap and avoid punishment but this led to his fall from favour from more senior members of the Long family and the Long Trading Arm and although gaining promotion, he was forced into a less influential role.

After the war, Ragnar frustrated by his reduced authority in the Long Trading Arm, organised a separate sub consultancy to take advantage of all the salvagable wrecks floating within the Sword Worlds and surrounding area. Ignoring the fact that all such wrecks were claimed by the Imperial crown as part of the peace settlement, Ragnar's company looted their way across several systems. As more pressure was placed on the Long family by the post war Sword Worlds government, this became too much of a departure from acceptable behaviour and Gram Bragison Long passed on information that Ragnar was behind the looting and the salvage company was quickly dissolved. Ragnar escaped punishment by the skin of his teeth but has earned the displeasure of the more senior members of the Long family and will find it difficult to regain their trust.

UPP BAB99E, Rank 3 (Criminal)

Streetwise 1, Trade (Armourer) 0, Gun Combat 0, Tactics 0, Admin 1, Advocate 1, Comms 0, Diplomat 0, Investigate 0, Persuade 0, Deception 0, Melee (unarmed) 3, Pilot (Spacecraft) 2, Broker 2, Leadership 1, Vac Suit 0, Jack of all Trades 1, Gunner (Turrets) 2, Drive (Tracked) 1, Sensors 1, Vacc Suit 1

Cr 100,000, 13 Ship Shares, Organisation Membership

Image Credits : Photo a mashup of Lord Lucan and the Kray Twins, space debris picture from Gizmodo

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